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MK 103: Client Development & Lead Generation

Client Development & Lead Generation Every lawyer who wants to generate bankruptcy clients, build a book of business, and build a successful legal practice should take this course. A lawyer who generates clients is called a “rainmaker.” A rainmaker understands this simple truth: Marketing = Clients = Profits = Success…
Schaller Bankruptcy Masterclass

MK 104: Advertising for Clients

Advertising for Clients Advertising is an important component of legal marketing. This course considers ethical issues every lawyer must understand before starting to advertise for bankruptcy clients, including specific words and phrases that must appear in every advertising piece, as required by the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Advertising is a relatively…
Schaller Bankruptcy Masterclass

MK 105: Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads, YouTube This course explores social media as a vital part of marketing.  Facebook’s business “Pages” and paid ads are explored with a virtual walk-through of the steps needed to create a Facebook Page for a bankruptcy lawyer and start a real-life paid search…